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Insurance is a widely used and highly valued part of the most employee benefit packages. While it is usually offered in the form of a group program, some insurance lines, like pet insurance, can also be provided as an individual flexible benefit.

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Health insurance

Health insurance is intended to cover medical expenses of the insured, including but not limited to preventative health assessments, inpatient and outpatient treatment, dental treatment and medical rehabilitation. It can also cover sports and wellness costs or even provide an amount of money that the employee is free to spend at his or her own discretion. The insurance policy may include a provision for cost sharing between employee and the insurance company (this usually reduces the price and increases employee value perception). Health insurance is a highly valued part of the employee benefit programme in any company or organisation.

Personal Accident insurance

Personal Accident Insurance, also known as Group Accident Insurance, provides financial support to your employee or to his/her family in case one is injured, becomes disabled or dies as a result of an accident. The indemnity payment depends on the severity of the injury and is calculated as a percentage of the pre-agreed insurance limit. In most cases, this insurance provides 24/7 worldwide coverage. Upon request, it can be limited to working hours and job-related injuries.

Life insurance

Life insurance provides a protection for the dependents or other beneficiaries of your employee in case he or she dies during the policy period (which is usually long-term - 10 years as a minimum). A Life insurance policy may also serve as a savings account, where the paid insurance premiums (less insurance administration fees and charges but topped up with the investment interest) are accumulated. In such case the insured shall be entitled to withdraw all or part of this amount during the policy period and, subject to survival, to be paid the full accumulated cash value at policy expiry. Under most circumstances, Life insurance premiums are not subject to any taxes or charges.

Critical illness insurance

Critical Illness Insurance will help if your employee gets critically ill during the term of insurance. It pays out a lump sum if, during an insurance policy period, a person is diagnosed with one of the covered critical diseases or health conditions, like a heart attack, stroke or cancer, for the first time in his or her life. The insurance indemnity payment can be used to cover health-related costs and lead to faster recovery. In case a person does not survive, it will be paid to his or her dependants or other beneficiaries.

Car Insurance Subsidy

Many of your employees probably own their own cars. Car insurance can make a significant part of the family budget, so the Car Insurance Subsidy is one of the benefits that might be highly appreciated by the people. The subsidy may include (a) Motor third party liability, (b) Motor own damage (casco), and (or) (c) Driver and passengers’ personal accident insurance costs.

Travel Insurance

A proper travel insurance will help your employees to soften implications of stressful challenges whilst travelling abroad. Depending on the selected package, Travel Insurance policy may cover (a) Emergency Medical Treatment costs, (b) Personal Third Party liability insurance, (c) Personal Accidents insurance, (d) Lost or delayed luggage and (or) (e) Trip cancellation or interruption costs. As an additional benefit, you may decide to cover not just business, but also private trips of an employee or even include his or her family members, who may be travelling together.

Pet insurance

Pet Insurance is a type of insurance that is primarily intended to cover your employee's expenditures related to the healthcare and veterinary treatment of his or her pet. Furthermore, it will also provide reimbursement in case a pet dies, escapes, is stolen or otherwise lost.

Personal Gadget Insurance

Smartphone, smartwatch, laptop, tablet or other expensive gadget is an integral part of your employees' everyday life. Being used that often, those gadgets are also on a higher risk to be broken, lost or stolen. Device insurance will cover cost of repairing or replacement of a lost or damaged gadget. Depending on the conditions, the employer can cover full or part of the costs.

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