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Car Insurance Subsidy

Many of your employees probably own their own cars. Car insurance can make a significant part of the family budget, so the Car Insurance Subsidy is one of the benefits that might be highly appreciated by the people. The subsidy may include (a) Motor third party liability, (b) Motor own damage (casco), and (or) (c) Driver and passengers’ personal accident insurance costs.

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Our MELP support will create an account for you and advise the best way to set it up. Please contact us via info@melp.com or fill in the online Registration Form.
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Yes, you can. Please contact us to discuss: info@melp.com
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Not yet. But we are working on getting the best deals to share with our clients. It is coming soon, so join MELP and follow the news.
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It might take from a couple of minutes to a couple of hours depending on your needs. Steps to set up your account properly: 1. Contact us and we will create an account for your organization; 2. Configure your organization structure: create departments, company groups, employee groups; 3. Add and set up your employee benefits; […]
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