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Blog      Uncategorized      Unlimited vacation – is it still a trend?

Unlimited vacation – is it still a trend?

I found an interesting topic at Baremetrics, so wanted to share it with you.

During an interview for a new job, do you hear how HR managers or CEOs tell you about the benefit – unlimited vacation? You can work from anywhere. Take all the time you need! Yeah.

If you still have such an option in your company or you would like to have it, so here are some tips on how to prepare for it:
✔️ Minimum Vacation – each member is expected to take at least 4 weeks (or less) off throughout the year with at least one week-or-longer vacation.
✔️Accountability – even if it is not limited, let’s track it. Create an internal spreadsheet (link in comments) available for everyone to see. This also will help track who hit the target to have not less than 4 weeks.

How these tips will affect all teams:
✔️Some will feel guilty for taking too much time off.
✔️Same responsibility for CEO’s as well not to take too much time off.