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Blog      Insurance      What can make employees safe and the role of benefits in face of it?

What can make employees safe and the role of benefits in face of it?

To feel safe is one of the main factors that impact employees’ intention to join or leave the company.
In one case is to feel unsafe when the company is the cause of it (today I’m not going to talk about that case) and another one – when the employer stands as intermediate to avoid or eliminate such feelings caused by external factors.
All employers understand the value of healthy employees, so how employee benefits could help them feel safer?

Know your employees

To get to know how you as an employer can help your employees, first of all, you have to understand the reason for that feeling. And I think I will not surprise anyone, the pandemic situation plays the main role there. Employees fear for their own and relative’s health, about their financial stability, and even about belonging to the social community. I understand, that we all are helpless to eliminate this reason, but companies can contribute to minimizing the consequences.

Insurance – make it great again. You say, nothing new? How to stand out from the competition with health insurance? Boring! I say – I agree! Nothing new! But the secret there is not about WHAT but HOW!


I had never seen the importance of health insurance more than it is now. And first – TO AVOID for. In face of a pandemic, visiting the doctor becomes a challenge. Visit times are fully booked and you have to wait for weeks just to explain your problem. The process is so complicated that we choose to wait for our disease to go away on its own in some cases. And as a result, we feel unsafe. Health insurance, to cover the medical expenses of the insured is the way employees could avoid such inconvenience. You can skip the public hospital queues and use this benefit to check in the private medical institutions.


In many cases, an early visit to your doctor – saves lives. I understand how it is unpleasant to talk about your own life and those worst cases, but in order of pandemic we all, even for few seconds took thoughts about it, agree… What if? And the first thing what about we are thinking is FAMILY. Protecting your family against financial difficulties can make you feel safer. Life insurance is a type of insurance that pays out the sum of money on the death of the insured. Other events such as terminal illness or critical illness can also trigger payment.


We can never know what awaits us the next day, especially now. Financial stability or having savings for at least one year, makes people feel safe. Investment life insurance has even two benefits – protection against death, injury plus investing capital. IT means you can feel safe about your family finances in case of your ability to get income.


And it is an important factor too. We are not to be valued, not to be accepted, not to be understood. Belonging to any social community gives us a feeling of safety. So, how companies could use benefits in this case? I am talking about vaccination, and no, not just about the covid vaccine. Belonging to the community means the ability to contact each other, to spend time together not just online. Vaccination can help us to stay in touch with communities. Employees could use health insurance there.

Insurance – same options, different values. Don’t underestimate it, talk about the values in your Employer proposition.