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How do I know about MELP updates?

MELP is constantly improving and adding new services and features to the system.
If you are our system and (or) mobile app user, you will be notified by email.

Is MELP available in other languages?

MELP system is available in English, Lithuanian, Russian and Latvian languages.
However, our system allows you to create content in multiple languages, so you can select basically any language you want to have.
For more information, please refer to our features.

If you wish to have the entire MELP system in a specific language, please contact us via info@melp.com and we might consider doing so.
Let’s progress together.

I am not receiving emails from MELP, what should I do?

If you are not receiving emails from MELP, please check your spam folder (or Social folder for Gmail).
If you still cannot find MELP emails, please try to search your inbox for emails from MELP.
Additionally, make sure you are checking the email address connected to your MELP account.

How can I protect my MELP account?

At MELP, we do everything we can to protect your organization’s account, but there are some steps that you are also supposed to follow to keep your account secure:
1. Keep your password secret. None of your co-workers should know your login information.
2. Enter your login information only on the official MELP website. If you are not sure whether you should login, go to melp.com to be safe.
3. MELP never asks for personal information, so do not answer any suspicious requests for personal information.
4. Be sure your computer and browser have antivirus software.