employee motivation

Motivated and engaged teams deliver top results. Put employees at the heart of your organisation with personalized communication, recognition, and rewards.

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Bridge communcation gap

Internal communication:
reach all employees, anywhere!

Our internal communication tool enables seamless in-app messaging for effective employee communication. Stay connected, share updates, and collaborate effortlessly. Reach your employees on the go, even if they don’t have corporate email or phone. Collect feedback from surveys or feedback inbox, including anonymous submissions.

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Inspire performance

Recognition that ignites engagement

Enable employees to send appreciations and get recognized for their extraordinary efforts, reflecting organizational values in action. Let heroes be known to all, to inspire further excellence. Received recognition points can be spent on selected rewards from MELP shop.

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Employee benefits and recognition appEmployee benefits and recognition appMELP all-in-one employee app
Boost value

Make your benefits relevant to each employee

Allow employees easy access to their benefits anytime, anywhere. Give flexibility and a budget to select own preferred benefits. Let them know they’re valued and we will provide simplicity and automation along the way!

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Put your employees at the heart of your organisation!



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Not just a trend:
the impact of team engagement

Why companies invest in employee engagement tools?




employee turnover
How MELP can help

Value for employers

Enhance your ability to attract top talent, boost retention rates, and cultivate high-performing teams by tailoring a personalized employee experience.


No more guessing

No need to wonder what your employees want - allow them a choice:

  • 7000 benefits to choose from
  • Diverse benefit scenarios that fit your perks policy
  • Clear benefit information, available to all
  • Data analytics - gain insights into what works best for your team


Two-way communication

Listen & be heard with effective communication:

  • Multiple app languages
  • App notifications for instant reach
  • Whistleblower compliant - opportunity for anonymous feedback
  • In-app surveys to gather valuable information


Inspiring engagement

Recognize regularly, reward generously:

  • Modern 360-degree recognition model to boost motivation
  • Nurture the kudos culture
  • Appreciate and reward your ambassadors


No-brainer management

Easy to use MELP web platform for HR specialists:

  • Cost reduction via sustainable no use, no pay approach
  • Convenient budget control
  • No hassle - one consolidated monthly invoice
  • Data integration (XLS, HRMS)
  • Custom fields for employee info
  • GDPR compliant

Value for employees

Benefits based on wants & needs

Understand the value & use the benefits budget as you like. Choose what you want, and, more importantly, what you need.

Information on your lock screen

Always stay in the loop & don’t go fishing for information with MELP notifications informing you about what’s up.

Every day like a birthday

Feel the appreciation. Be rewarded for good deeds & recognize others as often as you please.

Savings you get daily

Access multiple discounts for goods and services you use everyday.


How can I start using MELP?


Our MELP support will create an account for you and advise the best way to set it up. Please fill in the online registration form.

How long does it take to set up MELP?


It might take from a couple of minutes to a couple of hours depending on your needs. The good news is - MELP customer service provides an onboarding process. We will share our recommendations and help to set up your organization account in the most effective way.

Is MELP available in other languages?


MELP system is available in English, Lithuanian, Latvian, Dutch, Estonian, Polish, German, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Greek, Finnish, Russian, Norwegian, Swedish, Slovakian, Italian, French, Czheck, Romanian, and Danish languages. However, our system allows you to create content in multiple languages, so you can select basically any language you want to have. If you wish to have the entire MELP system in a specific language, please contact us and we might consider doing so.

Is MELP secure?


We are fully GDPR compliant and ISO 27001 certified. MELP system is safe to use, and regular security audits help to maintain this condition. Check this page for more security details.

Can I have a trial?


Sure you can! Please fill in the online registration form.

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