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Businesses are being increasingly challenged by the constant search for talent and rising employee retention costs. Employee benefits account for a significant part of it. How can companies get the most from their employee benefit budget?

Give your team the benefits they want

The preferences of a millennial differ from those of a baby-boomer, and something “in between” will fit neither of them. The ability to easily provide and manage multiple benefits is a long-wanted need of organizations.

Allow employees to choose

Employees want to make their own decisions about which benefits they want to get. Providing flexible benefits significantly increases employee engagement and the perceived value of a benefit.

Show the real costs and value of company benefits

Employees don’t understand the value of “invisible” benefits like free coffee, parking or an extra day off, as they don’t know how much they actually cost. Showing the value of benefits improves understanding about your total rewards.

Make employee benefits accessible – anytime, anywhere

From banking operations, to doctor visits and leisure entertainment – digital-first consumer experience predominates in most areas of life. Give your employees an easy access to all benefits on their mobile devices, whenever and wherever they want.

MELP for business - internet platform serving as a tool to manage and communicate employee benefits

MELP for employees - self-service mobile application allowing people to make their own decisions about what benefits they want to get for their work

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