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Sub-processors of MELP 

Any sub-processor of MELP that will process personal data under the authority, and on behalf, of MELP shall enter into a separate Data Processing Agreement with MELP. Pursuant to this agreement, the sub-processor agrees to comply with instructions from the relevant data controller and applicable data protection legislation. 

Welcome to meet the actual sub-processor list of MELP below: 

  1. MeritStory, UABProvider of server infrastructure maintenance service
    Company code: 305570797
    Server location: Ireland
  2. Amazon Web Services EMEA SARL – MELP Platform hosting
    Company code: B186284
    Server location: Ireland
  3. Salesforce.com, Inc. Provider of CRM system and Customer Service system
    Company code: 394272
    Server location: Ireland
  4. SIA „TVG” (Microsoft Office365 package)Email service and documents management service provider
    Company code: 40003542443
    Server location: Latvia
  5. Mailgun Technologies, Inc.Systematic emails service provider to MELP Platform users
    Company code: 0802653513
    Server location: Germany and Belgium
  6. TCG Telecom, UABSystematic SMS service provider to MELP Platform users
    Company code: 304120498
    Server location: Ireland

Last update: 2023-03-03