Internal communication

Communicate to connect. Use MELP notifications to inform your team about important updates and try survey functionality or a feedback inbox to listen to your team openly or anonymously.

Bridge communication gap
Reach all employees, anywhere!
Efficient collaboration, even in remote or distributed teams.
of workers say communication impacts their task efficacy on a daily basis
of employees feel like they are missing out on news and information
Create internal messages
From holiday greetings to important company policy changes or mandatory surveys - utilize MELP to ensure your message reaches everyone, anywhere.
Choose your audience
Segment your employees by team, seniority, or any way you like. Target your messages to the right audience for maximum engagement.
Tailor the delivery
You know your team, so it is up to you to choose when, in what language or which format your message should be delivered. If you don’t, MELP analytics will help you to find out.
Enjoy feedback
You won’t be left on “read” - your employees will be able to react, comment, and engage with your news for instant feedback.

Communicate to connect

Listen and be heard with multiple communication formats


No one left behind! Your team will never miss out on important information with MELP news section and app notifications announcing new messages


Open or anonymous, employee feedback is valuable. Listen to your employees and become compliant with EU Whistleblowing Directive with MELP feedback inbox.


Struggling to reach representative employee sample? Powered by MELP, your surveys will be more user friendly and easy to fill.

Dalia Geguzinskiene

"Since the majority of our employees work in Duty Free stores and do not have computerized workplaces, It was quite difficult to reach them. As we know, everyone has a phone these days, so now employees instantly get a reminder about updates or new benefits and never miss that information by getting it here and now with MELP".

Dalia Gegužinskienė

Travel Retail Vilnius


How can I start using MELP?

MELP support will create an account for you and advise the best way to set it up. Please fill in the online registration form.

How long does it take to set up MELP?

It might take from a couple of minutes to a couple of hours depending on your needs. The good news is - MELP customer service provides an onboarding process. We will share our recommendations and help to set up your organization account in the most effective way.

Is MELP available in other languages?

MELP system is available in English, Lithuanian, Latvian, Dutch, Estonian, Polish, German, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Greek, Finnish, Russian, Norwegian, Swedish, Slovakian, Italian, French, Czheck, Romanian, and Danish languages. However, our system allows you to create content in multiple languages, so you can select basically any language you want to have. If you wish to have the entire MELP system in a specific language, please contact us and we might consider doing so.

Is MELP secure?

We are fully GDPR compliant and ISO 27001 certified. MELP system is safe to use, and regular security audits help to maintain this condition. Check here for more details.

Can I have a trial?

Sure you can! Please fill in the online registration form.

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