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MELP automated and flexible system is a tool allowing employers and employees to interact in choice, transparency, and accessibility of employee benefits.

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Additional features

Flexible Benefits

Possibility to upload benefits that employees are entitled to select or not select at their own decision (flexible benefits).

Benefits budget allowance for employees

Possibility to allocate a dedicated benefit budget to each employee that he or she can freely use within a pack of flexible benefits.

Groups of employees

Convenient grouping of employees across branches, countries, and teams allows an easy assignment of benefits.

Mobile App for Employees

Mobile application, allowing personalized communication of benefits, perks, notifications, reminders, and more.

Multi-lingual communication

Integrated translations, to communicate with your employees in the language they understand best.

Configuration of the organizational structure

Easy adoption and display of any changes within the organizational structure. Your data is automatically re-allocated to correspond to a new internal or external company setup.

Access rights management

Granting, modifying and revoking of access rights for system administrators. Unlimited number of admins.

Corporate branding

Your corporate logo and other credentials can be displayed in the mobile application, so employees associate this service with their employer.

Data import and export to other formats

Possibility to upload data from and to export it to MS Excel or PDF documents.

Customizable data entry parameters

Opportunity to characterize your employees using both standard (like position or department) and customized (like hobbies or pet ownership) set of parameters.

Data filtering

Data filtering and displaying by multiple standard and customized parameters.

News, reminders and push notifications

Fast and easy delivery of news, reminders and push notifications to your employees via MELP mobile application.

Frequently asked questions

Our MELP support will create an account for you and advise the best way to set it up. Please contact us via info@melp.com or fill in the online Registration Form.
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Yes, you can. Please contact us to discuss: info@melp.com
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Not yet. But we are working on getting the best deals to share with our clients. It is coming soon, so join MELP and follow the news.
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It might take from a couple of minutes to a couple of hours depending on your needs. Steps to set up your account properly: 1. Contact us and we will create an account for your organization; 2. Configure your organization structure: create departments, company groups, employee groups; 3. Add and set up your employee benefits; […]
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