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The comprehensive catalog of employee benefits is made and constantly updated by our HR, insurance, and wellness professionals. Short and clear descriptions. Trending inspirational ideas – for powerful insights to both employers and employees.

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Insurance is a widely used and highly valued part of the most employee benefit packages. While it is usually offered in the form of a group program, some insurance lines, like pet insurance, can also be provided as an individual flexible benefit.


Wellness is a general benefit group, which is created to improve the employees' health or maintain it in a good condition. Typically, it is meant for personal use of an employee. Personal wellness and health and are proven to provide long-term employee engagement and motivation.


Perks are non-financial benefits, which are given to individual employees in addition to other benefit groups. Benefits in the perks' category can vary from mobile phones to public transportation tickets, etc. and is easily adjustable based on personal or real needs.

Retirement & Pensions

Employer’s contributions to pension funds or Unit-Linked Life insurance arrangements of their employees can encourage people to take a better care of their future and maintain a decent standard of living in a retirement age. Therefore, socially responsible employers often consider this group of employee benefits as a part of their benefits portfolio.

Trainings and Education

Trainings and education are one of the most valued group of benefits amongst employees. Furthermore, this also gives enormous value to the employer, since growing employees’ knowledge base and improved job skills make them more effective in the workplace.


External discountsare discounts for all company employees, which allow employees to pay less for goods and services, when demonstrating a work ID. Internal Company Discountsallow employees to buy an employer's products or use services with a special price.

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