Employee recognition

From virtual badges to tangible rewards, recognition is a fuel for both individual and collective success. Experience appreciation with gamified 360-degree recognition, gain and give kudos points and spend them as you see fit at the MELP shop.

Inspire performance
Appreciation translates to engagement
Valued teams deliver top results
of employees feel that recognition affects their motivation to succeed at work
of employees agree that recognition for their contributions improves their engagement
Select kudos-worthy colleague
Don’t be shy! With our 360-degree recognition, you can appreciate colleagues in all directions.
Specify the reason for recognition
Add a personal kudos note, an inside joke, a gif, picture, or any other attachment.
Choose a reward
Send kudos points from your token wallet. Gain and give points to colleagues, exchanging them into tangible rewards from MELP shop.
Personalize and share it
Your kudos will be displayed in a vibrant feed visible to the entire company, fostering a culture of appreciation.

Ignite engagement

360-degree recognition as seamless as a click

Living the values

Recognition helps employees to embody the company values by translating them into everyday actions.

Gamified experience

Be on top of the dynamic and responsive workplace culture. Create a real-time positive impact, reinforce desired behaviours and boost morale.

Instant rewards

Translate gratitude to tangible rewards. Allow your employees to exchange collected points for a chosen prize from the extensive e-shop.

Coherent Solutions Interim Manager Simona Kerpiskiene

"We enjoy the simplicity of administration and automatisation of certain processes".

Simona Kerpiškienė

Travel Retail Vilnius


How can I start using MELP?

Our MELP support will create an account for you and advise the best way to set it up. Please fill in the online registration form.

How long does it take to set up MELP?

It might take from a couple of minutes to a couple of hours depending on your needs. The good news is - MELP customer service provides an onboarding process. We will share our recommendations and help to set up your organization account in the most effective way.

Is MELP available in other languages?

MELP system is available in English, Lithuanian, Latvian, Dutch, Estonian, Polish, German, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Greek, Finnish, Russian, Norwegian, Swedish, Slovakian, Italian, French, Czheck, Romanian, and Danish languages.. However, our system allows you to create content in multiple languages, so you can select basically any language you want to have. If you wish to have the entire MELP system in a specific language, please contact us and we might consider doing so.

Is MELP secure?

We are fully GDPR compliant and ISO 27001 certified. MELP system is safe to use, and regular security audits help to maintain this condition. Check here for more details.

Can I have a trial?

Sure you can! Please fill in the online registration form.

Have more questions?

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