May 3, 2024

Update on MELP | May 2024

Update on MELP | May 2024

If you're looking for an update on what our team has worked on during April, you're in the right place. Find all our updates, wins & new welcomes!

First of all, we're over the moon about our first HR help with MELP event. On the 10th of April, we had a bunch of HR community members gathering at Radisson Collection Astorija to hear about Employee Motivation Tendencies 2024. We had 4 awesome speakers, some wonderful discussions, delicious cocktails and an overall wonderful time. Thank you to everyone who participated - we're doing an online version of this seminar on the 22nd of May, so if you missed the live one, here's your chance to hear what's up with Employee Motivation from the experts in the field for free: register here

HR community listening to a seminar about employee motivation by MELP
MELP event for HR professionals

Product updates

When it comes to product updates, our team has been busy preparing the new DISCOUNT module - we're glad to announce it is now LIVE. It's been a pleasure to grow our partners network - recently we've been adding new additions to our discount list at a super pace, so it was definitely time to put all of the offers in one convenient place for our 22 000+ users to enjoy. We cannot wait for the feedback!

In April, we also developed and implemented the ability for customers to not only add their goods and services to the MELP shop, but also to manage their balance and issue it to the team. Already received some positive feedback from the administration side about how easy it is to track the inventory and enforce the purchase limits.

An update to the global search has been made in the HR platform - you can now search employees by email, phone or MELP internal ID.

MELP app new functionalities added

Client news

As for new names joining MELP community, we've signed with Vytautas Magnum University (our first client from the academic sector), VšĮ Inovacijų agentūra, and SĮ Susisiekimo paslaugos. Excited to share what MELP packages these clients chose in our next newsletter!

We're also happy to share that our clients IKI Lietuva, Hanner and Hallo Healthcare Business Services have expanded the MELP service list and added our RECOGNITION FEATURE to be enjoyed by their employees. Exciting to see kudos flying around - what a beautiful thing to witness. <3