September 4, 2023

Update on MELP | August 2023

Update on MELP | August 2023

HR platform:

  1. Expense Overview in One Table: We understand the importance of efficiency in managing expenses. To make your job easier, we have now introduced a consolidated view of all expenses in one table. This feature not only simplifies expense tracking but also allows you to apply filters to find specific data quickly. Additionally, you can now export expense data directly to Excel, providing you with more flexibility and control over your financial reporting.
  2. Improved Performance in Assigned Benefits Pages: We recognize that the performance speed of our platform is crucial for your day-to-day tasks. We’ve invested in optimizing the performance of Assigned Benefits pages to ensure that you can access and manage employee benefits swiftly and efficiently.
  3. Timeline for Actions in Alternatives: In our Alternatives section, we have introduced a new timeline feature. This timeline allows you to track and review the assignments taken for each employee. This additional level of detail empowers you to stay informed and make well-informed decisions regarding employee benefits alternatives.


  1. Active Alternatives on the Homepage: We understand that employees want easy access to their benefits information. To enhance the employee experience, we have added a dedicated section for “Active Alternatives” on the homepage of our mobile application. Now, employees can quickly and conveniently access their active alternatives, making it easier than ever to stay engaged with their benefits.

We believe these updates will not only streamline your HR management tasks but also empower your employees to make informed choices about their benefits. We value your feedback, so please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or suggestions for further improvements!

When it comes to new welcomes:

1. We officially launched MELP app with 15min group – more than 150 employees from their companies can now access benefits easily and participate in Recognition program, accumulating points for various good deeds.

2. Hennordic began their journey with MELP Benefits feature & are already planning to use MELP Communications opportunities for more effective two-way connection with their employees.

3. We’re happy to welcome Hotel Pacai, our first client from hospitality industry. This team can now enjoy our Recognition module, which was set-up to host a custom Benefits shop with Pacai own products and services. The client is using our Communications module as well, so whole range of used features should guarantee strong & successful partnership with high standards from both sides.