January 10, 2024

Update on MELP | December

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve attracted an investment of €635k to expand internationally! The early seed stage investment involved venture capital fund Coinvest Capital and business angels from Lithuania and the UK.

Since MELP’s launch in early 2022, we’ve experienced successful growth in the Baltic countries and we’re ready for an expansion!

MELP system updates:

HR platform:

> Improved Action Logs: Managing employee benefits is all about transparency and efficiency. To help you achieve that, we’ve enhanced our action logs. Now, you’ll find more detailed information about actions taken, making it easier to track and manage benefit-related activities. You’ll have a clearer picture of what’s happening within your organization.

MELP mobile app:

> Mark Benefits as Favorites: We understand that employees have their preferred benefits. To make it simpler for them to find and access their loved benefits on the mobile app, we’ve introduced a brand-new feature. Employees can now mark their favorite benefits, ensuring easy access to the perks that matter most to them. It’s all about personalizing their benefits experience.

New welcomes and other client updates:

In December, we’ve welcomed Aviation CV, SB Asset Management, Hallo Healthcare Business Services!

All of them will use e-shop, with thousands of gift vouchers to choose from, whilst Aviation CV and Hallo Healthcare Business Services will also enjoy better employee engagement through MELP recognition module.

We’ve also signed with Infes – excited to launch soon!

That’s it from us, we’re excited for a productive start of the year!