February 6, 2024

Update on MELP | January 2024

> We have added a status field to the Expenses section, which will help you to better organise and control the expenses incurred;
> In the Alternatives section, we have added the functionality to add employees to a specific group in the list of employees, which should make it easier to work with employees who have or have not chosen an Alternative, e.g. to encourage those who have not chosen an Alternative by sending a newsletter, etc.;
> We have added an Automations part where it is easy to assign a benefit, an alternative or a group to an employee based on certain attributes of the employee. Defining automation rules removes some of the manual work.

We’re happy to report that we’ve had an eventful January, with 6 new clients joining MELP club!

We’ve launched with Netta Solutions and Su Idėja, who can now enjoy MELP Shop. Crowdfunding platform Profitus joined us with MELP Shop and Recognition features, while employees of NRD Companies, providing e-registers and other e-services, can now use MELP Shop and Expense Reimbursement functionalities. Welcome!

Our team has also started to year with one of the biggest launches to date – we’ve welcomed a retail giant IKI Lietuva to our client list and we couldn’t be more happier with their adaptation to MELP tool. Excited to share some updates on how it has increased employee engagement soon!

Finally, we’ve welcomed our first construction industry client Infes. They’ve demonstrated their commitment to their employees’ wellbeing by personalising the way they communicate and reward them. Infes team will be able to choose between health insurance and a dedicated budget to be spent on numerous options at the MELP Shop. Well done!