August 10, 2023

Update on MELP | July 2023

In July, we managed to prepare these updates for our clients:

  1. We have introduced a new Wallet functionality that consolidates employee benefits budgets into one, empowering them to purchase higher value items. For instance, let’s consider a scenario where an employee receives €30 for their birthday and has an additional free budget of €20 to spend at the MELP shop (two distinct benefits). With the Wallet feature, they can now utilize the combined budgets to acquire items like a relaxing wellness massage valued at €50;
  2. On the home screen, we have relocated the MELP shop budget balance to enhance employees’ understanding and visibility of their remaining budget, empowering them to make better-informed decisions on how they can use it;
  3. A new MELP shop page (along with the wallet) has been added to make it easier and faster for employees to access all the goods;
  4. On the MELP shop page, we have added the option to filter by the benefits for which the employee has an allocated budget to use in the MELP shop;
HR platform
  1. We have implemented the functionality to manually add costs by deducting the budget from the employee’s accumulated recognition points;
  2. We have added the total amount of accumulated recognitions points, the points used, and the remaining balance of points to be visible on the employee card;
  3. HR professionals will now have a possibility to disable the conversion of recognition points into monetary units, leaving the accumulation in points only;
  4. We have added a feature in the Benefits Alternative module that allows the HR admin to select or change benefits for an employee;
  5. We have added the ability to filter out Alternative selections based on various variables;
  6. We have improved the speed of the list view for an employee’s assigned benefits.

Although there were no official launches last month, we are glad to announce that we’ve signed contracts with an exciting bunch of businesses: Inmedica, Dotnuva Baltic, 15min group, Hotel Pacai. We are glad to have a variety of clients from different industries and work further to understand their & their employee needs. Hurray to new beginnings!