June 1, 2023

Update on MELP | May 2023

What have we been working on?

The biggest change to MELP platform in May was refactoring of a Benefit form. To put it in simple way, we have rewritten code of an important part of our system (describing how Benefit data could be input and show to users), that it would be both more adapted to the flexible needs of HR, work faster and be more future-proof for further developments. The first benefit code that was created 2 years ago, needed revision and improvements, so we have dedicated time and resources to make this step.

There were some other improvements that were carried out, based on the expressed needs of existing and potential clients:

MELP app

Trust box:
> ability to take a photo and upload it when leaving an anonymous or public feedback

> ability to reach attached files such as MS word, excel, pdf files

>added read/unread functionality for users to easily noticed newly added benefits

HR platform

> ability to view attached photos in Trust box
> ability to attach multiple files in News
> updated benefit creation form for users to create benefits more easily and conveniently & to add benefit expiration date if necessary