December 11, 2023

Update on MELP | November 2023

MELP updates

HR platform:

  1. Wallet Page Enhancements: We have made significant improvements to the “Wallet” page, offering you greater control and visibility. You can now filter benefits by specific criteria such as benefit type, company, and time period. Additionally, we’ve added the convenience of exporting data in Excel format and introduced total calculations to help you stay on top of your budget expenses.
  2. Performance and UX: We understand the importance of a seamless experience, which is why we’ve worked tirelessly to enhance the performance of assigned benefits pages. You’ll notice an improved user interface that makes navigation smoother and more intuitive.
  3. Added Expense Editing: We’ve enabled the editing of expenses added by platform admins. This feature empowers you to maintain accurate records effortlessly.
  4. Recognition Import: For those utilizing the recognition feature, we’ve introduced the ability to import employee recognition points via Excel files. This helps to say thanks for employee initiative or performance using one transparent recognition tool and reward with thousands of items on the MELP Shop.


  1. Employee Recognition Search: If you’re using employee recognition on the go, you’ll appreciate our improved employee search functionality. Finding and acknowledging your colleagues is easier now.
  2. MELP Shop Enhancement: For those with Alternative benefits that use MELP Shop, we’ve implemented an item preview page. This preview will provide you with a better understanding of your options before you select the desired benefit

Client updates

We’re happy to have signed with AviationCV, Hallo Healthcare Business Services, SB Asset Management & Netta Solutions. Cannot wait to launch with these diverse teams!

Our loyal clients Gjensidige and ATEA have started using our recognition module. It’s great to see gamified recognition gaining popularity among business & it’s even better to see engaged and active employees enjoying it.

Finally, a shoutout for our client Hotrema launching our Expense compensation functionality – no more chaos registering receipts and getting reinbursed. Yay!