October 2, 2023

Update on MELP | September 2023

Update on MELP | September 2023

Thanks for tuning in to hear about MELP news. We surely started the new season with a bang – allow us to tell you more!

Product updates

Our September was dedicated to pushing out the new expense compensation feature (kudos to the MELP team for rocking it, as usual).

Talking with our clients, we’ve noticed a need for users to take care of their expense registration within the MELP app. No more constant reminders for employees to send in their receipts & chaos of employees looking for them all over at the end of each month. App users can now register their expenses via the MELP app after every business lunch, spent benefit budget for learning or anything else that needs to be compensated.

You can now find a new “request compensation” button in the “Shop” or “Benefit” sections of the app, which will help our users register their expenses in an easy and convenient way. Yes, it can be done in 3 easy steps!

From an administrative perspective, all requests from the employees go to one place – the expense compensation table. Each time an employee registers an expense, you will be able to get more clarification (request more details), and approve or reject it. At the end of each month (or as often as you like, really), you can easily export all the requests, their details and proof to an Excel file. Trust us, your accountant will be happy about this organised way to deal with such a mundane task.

New clients & record breaking welcomed users

We’re happy to welcome employees from FL Technics and Affidea – each client brought us nearly 1000 new users!

FL Technics, a global provider of tailor-made solutions for aircraft maintenance and repair, is a new client to have joined MELP with their extensive benefit basket & partners list. With MELP, FL Technics employees will be able to enjoy not only all of their benefits and partner discounts in one place but also recognize each other & communicate more effectively with MELP recognition and communication modules.

Affidea Lietuva, a pan-European medical service provider offering premium diagnostic imaging, cancer detection, and cancer treatment services, is definitely not a new client  but we’re happy that they enjoyed trying our app so much that they’ve brought all employees in Lithuania (nearly 1000 of them!) to MELP.

HR Director Affidea Lietuva Giedrė Teresevičienė says: “We chose to partner with MELP because it enables our company to communicate our wide range of company benefits and perks to our employees, which perfectly reflects our commitment to improving employee wellbeing and work experience. This partnership gives our team access to exclusive discounts, wellness programmes and more, leading to a happier and more engaged team. We see many opportunities for collaboration with MELP in the future – from employee recognition to other important company communications that employees will receive quickly and efficiently – on their phone or in their email.” 💭

Thank you for reading, that’s all the news for September *mic drop*