August 7, 2023

Future of HR: what’s in the cards?

Future of HR: what’s in the cards?

We don’t have a crystal ball, but it’s still fun to contemplate what the future of HR will look like. Based on the current trends, here are some things we think & hope will happen:

Remote-first culture

While the pandemic has definitely shifted the way we work, with technological advancements and more distributed workforce, it is bound to persist. While remote working poses a number of challenges for organisations, the transformation 🚀 to overcome those in terms of policies, investment in technology, and changes in culture is already happening & will continue gather pace.

Supportive to strategic

As most companies are shifting towards a more human-centric approach, the role of HR will likely step out from the back-office function to become a crucial strategic partner 🤝 , helping to formulate and implement strategic initiatives to navigate complex business environments.

Focus on well-being

Employee well-being is already transitioning from a nice-to-have to a strategic must – instead of reacting to burnout and lack of engagement, well-being initiatives are becoming more proactive. Therefore, the future of HR is likely to focus on the integration of the employee well-being into the very DNA 🧬 of the workplace.

Employer branding

With talent competition, creating a character of yourself as an employer will become crucial to attract 🔎 and retain talent. HR will work closely with marketing and communications teams to create an authentic, engaging, and powerful employer brand that reflects values, culture, and people in the organisation.

Comprehensive analytics

With evolving technology, HR world is bound to have more numbers to make decision making more data-driven. People analytics will help talent acquisition, management, employee experience, engagement & more. 💡 It will help to shift from simply solving the problems at hand to proactively addressing any potential issues before they affect employee satisfaction and productivity.


Nothing surprising here – HR will continue to utilise AI and other technology to further streamline all processes and boost efficiency. 🤖 From what we already witness today, such as bots screening candidates to automated onboarding, to more difficult tasks that will reduce inaccuracies and risks, it will help for HR specialists to make more time for strategic aspects of people management.


With changing sets of skills needed to navigate in the business world, more and more attention will be put on ensuring learning and upskilling opportunities for employees. 📚 This has already become an aspect in nurturing and retaining talent but the importance of future-proofing the workforce will become even more critical for not only employee engagement and value, but also for the success of all organisations.


With more distributed global workforce, Diversity and Inclusion will have to become a strategic pillar of all companies. To ensure competitiveness and success, businesses will have no choice but open their horizons to diverse perspectives and experiences 🌏 that diverse team brings to the table. HR will be tasked with creating and nurturing a culture that makes all employees like they belong & can bring their unique ideas.