March 25, 2024

Q&A with Ieva Kėvalaitytė: applying for jobs you're not entirely qualified for & tips for attracting TOP talent

Q&A with Ieva Kėvalaitytė: applying for jobs you're not entirely qualified for & tips for attracting TOP talent

Ieva, can you tell us a little bit about how you got into TA, how and when you joined the Manpower team?

I studied psychology, so HR was always one of the career paths I had the opportunity to follow. In my final year, I did an internship as an IT Talent Acquisition Specialist in Spain on an Erasmus exchange programme. As the internship was coming to an end, I started looking for a job in Lithuania, where Manpower came to my attention - the company was looking for an IT recruiter at the time. Although I didn't ideally meet the requirements of the job advert, I am very happy that I tried my hand and that the team saw potential in me. That's how I became part of Manpower more than two years ago.

You're 25 years old and you've been leading a team for some time now. What qualities or skills have helped you achieve these responsibilities so quickly?

Yes, I am 25. I think it was my confidence in my ability to adapt to a new environment that helped me to be offered a position for which I wasn't quite qualified at the time. Having worked in unskilled positions for a long time, I developed this important skill, learning to absorb new information quickly, so that no position seemed impossible to me.

Of course, the motivation to try on "new shoes" also helped a lot, so I was determined to learn, work hard and exceed my employer's expectations. When I found an employer who believed in me, even with quite an "empty" CV, that motivation didn't go away - it became the driving force to move up the career ladder and keep going forward.

You recently posted on LinkedIn about an unconventional way of conducting annual interviews. How did this idea come about? What advice would you give to team leaders who are currently conducting such conversations?

As my team is remote (we all work from different cities or even countries), each live meeting required a trip to Manpower's Vilnius office or another agreed city. Last year we had several such trips: team building and bonding, various celebrations, client meetings, etc. These reunions can be quite chaotic, and the days are intense.

I wanted this year's annual reviews to be as informal as possible, with an environment that encourages organic conversation and the opportunity to get closer to everyone in the team. So, I asked my team members if I could be a guest in their city. It was great to see that the team not only accepted this offer but was also very excited! My advice to team leaders is not to follow the norms, but not to get crazy over the latest trends either - rather, to look back at your team, to "switch on" your creative thinking and invent a customized format that works for you.

Ieva Kevalaityte Manpower

If you had to pick 3 things that are currently a must-have for companies looking to attract top talent, what would they be?

1) Flexibility in working conditions

- Fully remote or hybrid working model (if the nature of the position doesn't allow it, then flexible working hours can be offered)

- Flexible working hours (working to a schedule decided by the employee or giving a range where the employee can choose when to start and finish work)

2) Individualistic approach to the employee (ability/willingness of the employer to adapt to the needs of the individual employee)

3) Competitive pay. This is a very simple but still relevant point. Simply put, no matter how great the workplace culture or how extensive the list of benefits is, people go to work to earn money. To attract top talent in the market, you will need to offer them the pay that top talent expects.

The list could go on and on, adding company vision, culture, visibility, continuous leadership development, psychological safety and other aspects, but each person would prioritize them in their own way.

The first quarter of 2024 is over. What trends are you noticing in TA or HR?

A very broad question! We describe the trends and insights from each quarter in Manpower infographics - and we'll soon share information on the first quarter of 2024. Take a look: