June 5, 2023

Q&A with Jurgita Lemešiūtė: recruitment trends and Gen Z candidates

Q&A with Jurgita Lemešiūtė: recruitment trends and Gen Z candidates

Jurgita Lemešiūtė – managing partner at the leading recruitment agencies in Lithuania and Latvia “PeopleLink” and “TripodLink”. Master of organizational psychology, speaker and moderator at various HR conferences and events, Jurgita is also actively involved into sports and has won numerous awards in Lithuanian bicycle racing competitions.

We asked her a few questions about recharging after a long day of HR-ing, some recruitment trends and hiring Gen Z candidates.

Let’s talk about the process of recruitment – how is it changing and what trends we should anticipate in the upcoming few years?

First of all, most of the recruitment process now is online and it’s absolutely normal to hire somebody without a face-to-face meeting, as many people work remotely sometimes even in a different country. We encourage companies to use that in their advantage – have a nice presentation about the company or the team, show some visuals to ensure best candidate experience, demonstrate the benefits and perks packages, etc.

Secondly, competition between employers is not getting any smaller and candidates are dropping out the recruitment process easier. So it is smart to make sure that your candidates would have the best positive experience about the company from the first point of contact – make sure your job adds are representative, first call to the candidate is positive, interviews and recruitments process is clear to all parties.

Gen Z candidates are becoming increasingly important in the job market – how companies could attract the best candidates from this generation?

Our survey shows that career motive is the strongest while choosing an employer, so make sure you can explain or even better visualise potential career possibilities in the company.

Also Z generation candidates want to work in a company culture that is close to them personally. Ask your team how can you show the company culture the best, again try to visualise your company values and what impact a person can make joining your team.

Lots of people in HR seem to have quite a work load. What are your recommendations for a recharge after long working day or steps to start it better?

We best at doing things that we love doing. So make sure you know your WHY, why you chose this job at the beginning, what makes you feel needed. Of course, don’t forget your rest, active rest (loved activity, sports) shows to give best recovery from work results. Also do not forget that there is a great HR communities that can help you build your motivation back and inspire for new challenges.