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Perks are non-financial benefits, which are given to individual employees in addition to other benefit groups. Benefits in the perks' category can vary from mobile phones to public transportation tickets, etc. and is easily adjustable based on personal or real needs.

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Mobile Phones

This benefit can either be used while buying/changing a mobile phone device or paying a monthly mobile phone bill. The employer can choose to cover part or the full price of the mobile phone or a monthly phone bill.

Home Office Installation Subsidy

Home Office Installation Subsidy benefit typically offers employees the possibility to upgrade their home working space. It can include office supplies, an ergonomic chair, table, accessories, or similar.

Car Purchase Subsidy

Car Purchase Subsidy can cover a certain agreed part of the employee expenses when purchasing a new car.

Car Lease Compensation

Car Lease Compensation can be used when purchasing a car with the lease option, when a certain agreed part of the expenses under the lease contract is covered.

Fuel Compensation

Fuel compensation benefit can be used by employees who use their own car to get to work. Employee can claim the expenses and get fully or partly reimbursed by the company.


Parking benefit can be used to cover the employees’ parking fees in town. Employer can either reimburse parking costs of the employee, or arrange a free parking pass to him/her.

Remote Work

Remote work benefit allows employees to work from their home or any other location, on the terms agreed with the employer.

Flexible / Dynamic Working

Flexible / dynamic work schedule gives employees some self-control over when and where they work. It establishes a level of trust with their employer and allows them to be there for friends and family when it matters most.

Public Transportation

Public Transportation benefit allows employees to cover part of their public transportation expenses, while travelling to and from work. Employer can either reimburse the expenses of an employee, or grant him/her a pre-arranged transportation ticket.


This benefit can be used while purchasing or renting a scooter or bicycle. Depending on the pre-agreed conditions, a certain percentage of the expenses can be covered by the benefits provider.

Additional Support for Children's Activities

Under this benefit, employer suggests to cover part of the employees’ expenses spent for their children’s activities and non-formal education.

Online Entertainment

The Online Entertainment benefit includes full or partial compensation of Netflix, Spotify, Cinema, Apple TV or other online entertainment memberships or subscriptions.

Kindergarten Support

Kindergarten Support benefit fully or partly covers parents’ charges for private kindergartens.

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