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Trainings and Education

Trainings and education are one of the most valued group of benefits amongst employees. Furthermore, this also gives enormous value to the employer, since growing employees’ knowledge base and improved job skills make them more effective in the workplace.

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Trainings’ benefit allows the employee to individually select the training sessions and get their costs (or their part) covered by the employer. Trainings are supposed to be held during employee’s free time.

Online Learning

Online Learning benefit allows the employee to select online learning courses and get their costs fully or partially reimbursed by the employer. Online Learning is supposed to be held in employee’s spare time.

Financing of Studies

This type of benefit allows employees to cover part of their study fees.


The Subscriptions benefit allows employees to subscribe for magazines, channels or similar networks at their individual interest.

Self-Learning Day

Usually, this benefit allows employees to take one day per month off work and concentrate on self-development. This could be related to either personal or work-related development.

Job Shadowing

It is a popular on-the-job learning and career development element, where employees will follow their hosts and observe them in their day-to-day work.

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